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Vaccine Titre Tests

We have had several enquiries recently about vaccine titre testing for dogs.

Dogs are routinely vaccinated for Distemper, Hepatitis (Canine Adenovirus) and Parvovirus (DHP) every three years after they have had their first yearly booster. They are also vaccinated against Leptospirosis yearly.

Research suggests that the DHP vaccine can last more than three years in some dogs and therefore some people prefer to test their dog's immunity rather than have the vaccinations at the normal three yearly interval.

Up until now the vaccine titre test has been expensive but this week we have signed up with a new laboratory that has developed a vaccine test that is significantly cheaper - about a third of the cost of the original test!

If you are interested in having the blood test for DHP to see whether your dog is still immune to these diseases please get in touch.

Please note there is currently no blood test for Leptospirosis. Studies show this vaccine lasts only a year and so yearly boosters are required.

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