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Spot-on parasite treatments for dogs

Three Bears Vets will no longer be stocking or prescribing spot-on parasite treatments for dogs. We will continue to prescribe tablet versions (e.g. Nexgard Spectra; Bravecto).

There is increasing evidence that the active ingredients in spot-ons are causing environmental pollution (1,2), and are having a significant impact on aquatic wildlife (3,4).

As an example, it is estimated that if a big dog is treated with a spot-on and then swims in a large pond, 50% of the aquatic invertebrates in the pond would be dead within 48hrs (5). There are then knock-on effects up the food chain, impacting fish, birds and mammals.

For these reasons we would ask you to consider both the product you use on your dogs, as well as thinking about reducing your use of parasite treatments if possible. The indiscriminate, monthly, prophylactic use of anti-parasitic drugs is often unnecessary, and could be ecologically damaging.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further then please get in touch.


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