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Antifreeze and rock-salt toxicity

Antifreeze is highly toxic to cats and dogs

With the recent cold weather there has been an increase in the of salt on the roads and antifreeze in our cars. Both of these substances can be poisonous to our pets.

Antifreeze (ethylene glycol) has a sweet taste and many dogs and cats find the flavour very appealing.

Unfortunately antifreeze is highly toxic and unless treated very soon after ingestion can cause irreversible kidney damage that is usually fatal.

Please keep any antifreeze you have out of reach of your pets, and check areas like garage floors for spillages.

Rock salt that is spread on the roads in freezing weather can get on the paws of your dogs (and cats) when they are out walking. When they clean their paws they may ingest the salt. This causes an increase in blood sodium levels, which in mild cases causes dehydration, lethargy and vomiting, but in severe cases can cause convulsions and kidney damage.

Please wash your pets paws in water after they have been for a walk, and if you are worried that they have ingested rock salt or are showing symptoms then get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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